35th Annual GAFIS Symposium Presenters

Panel 1: Private Pain, Public Trauma (VIRTUAL)

• Kimberly Rooney is a PhD Candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research explores how the institution of the School is portrayed in colonial and postcolonial contexts. Her dissertation project focuses on a set of sub-Saharan African francophone novels in which the Western-model school and its values, pedagogies, and epistemologies explicitly and implicitly inform not only the characters’ identity and sense of belonging, but also the narratives themselves.

• Rose Moreau earned her Master’s Degree in Linguistics from the Université Grenoble Alpes in December 2021 and will start her PhD in September 2022. Her research in discourse analysis and sociolinguistics focuses on how victims represent and rehandle their past experiences of child abuse on social media, and on how verbal abuse materialises in interaction and affects the other.

• Andrea Garza Erdmann is a third-year doctoral student at the Romance Languages and Literatures Department at Harvard University. Andrea’s primary focus is contemporary Mexican literature regarding political violence, forced disappearances, the Mexican Drug War, and trauma. Her secondary focus is Latin American literature, Human Rights, and testimonios. Andrea is also interested in Latinx Literature, Migration and Refugee studies, as well as the intersection between Decolonial Theory and Gender & Women’s Studies.

Panel 2:  Pathologizing Trauma

Tatiana Feshchenko is a graduate student from the Department of French and Italian, UW-Madison.

Jennifer Kellett is a graduate student at Indiana University in the French and Italian department. Her research interests include theatre, adaptation, translation, and performance studies.

Panel 3:  Space, Place, and Trauma

Peter Russella is a PhD Candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation project, from which this study is drawn, is entitledA Feu tournant: The Lighthouses of French Literature and Comics.

• Danielle Hanzalek is a Ph.D student in the department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies at UCLA. Her research focuses on modern and contemporary representations of Paris, specifically how urban environments serve as contact zones between body and memory. She is also a part of the 2021-22 Urban Humanities Cohort with cityLab UCLA.

• Daniele Santucci is currently a PhD Candidate in Italian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the department of French and Italian. His main research interests centre around Modern Literature, particularly authors like Dacia Maraini, Pier Vittorio Tondelli and Melania G. Mazzucco. His research also engages with gender and sexuality, border studies, ecocriticism, and questions of identity.

Panel 4: Familial Trauma

• Jacqueline Ebelabena is a first year PhD Student in French at the University of Madison- Wisconsin. She graduated from Principia College with a degree in Business Administration and French. She is passionate about 19th and 20th century French Literature, Post-colonial and Feminist Theories, music, theater, and painting. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and traveling. She is very interested in exploring the representations of black bodies in Francophone literature, paintings, and photography.

• Valentina Morello is a PhD candidate at UW Madison.  The focus of her dissertation is the representation of southern Italy, specifically analyzing the passage from the “southern question” to the “pensiero meridiano” in literature. Her interests lie also on the representation of labor in the Italian cinema and literature and Second Language acquisition.