We are deeply grateful to all those who helped with the organization of the 37th annual GAFIS Symposium. 

First, a special thank you goes out to the Center for European Studies, the Department of French & Italian, the Graduate Association of French and Italian Students (GAFIS), the Brittingham Trust, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Friends of the Library, African Cultural Studies, and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for their support in the realization of this event.

We would like to thank Professor Aubrey Gabel for making herself available to us at such a busy moment of the academic year; our accountant Mary Noles for the numerous hours she took to talk with us; Professors Jan Miernowski and Jelena Todorovic for accepting to be part of the roundtable discussion; Professor Joshua Armstrong for his support and advice; and Daniele Santucci and Giampaolo Molisina for their guidance on planning the event. We also thank the graduate student scholars from the U.S. and abroad for contributing their presentations to the symposium. The event has been made much richer thanks to the collaboration of all those mentioned above.

Finally, a big thank you to the graduate students in the French and Italian Department who took the time to volunteer for the various organizational committees. The GAFIS Symposium would not have been possible without your help. Thanks for making this year another success!

Welcoming Committee

  • Fabien Siles – Chair
  • Ruth Olayemi Adeniyi
  • Favour Olaosebikan
  • Enzo Cantinelli

Communications Committee

  • Kimberly Rooney – Chair
  • Enzo Cantinelli
  • Jessica Dubie

Moderators Committee

  • Tessa Archambault – Chair
  • Francesco Satta
  • Giulia Schimmenti 
  • Daniele Santucci
  • Jacqueline Ebelabena

Reading Committee

  • Daniele Santucci – Chair
  • Patrizia De Luca
  • Charles Kilian
  • Fabien Siles
  • Pete Russella
  • Sarah Cyganiak

Technology Committee

  • Martina Giuliano – Chair
  • Cora Schoofs
  • Nima Keivani

Catering Committee:

  • Jacqueline Ebelabena – Chair
  • Mathilde Garnier

Housing & Transportation Committee:

  • Charles Kilian – Chair


Thank you so much! Grazie mille! Merci beaucoup!

Alex and Leah