April 5, 2024 | 3:30-7:00PM

2:00PM | Guided Visit of the UW Libraries’ Special Collections Exhibit “Most Agreeable & Rational Recreation”: Two Centuries of Educational Games (Memorial Library, Special Collections, 9th Floor)

3:30PM | Registration | Pyle Center, Room 235

4:00PM | Keynote Address, “Homo Ludens Redux: Play/Game Theory and Ludic Literature,” Dr. Aubrey Gabel (Columbia University) | Pyle Center, Room 235

5:15PM | Welcome Reception | Pyle Center, Second Floor

April 6, 2024 | 8:00AM – 4:30PM

8:00AM | REGISTRATION & WELCOME | Pyle Center, Room 235

8:30AM | Opening Remarks


9:00AM | Panel 1: Lovers, Cheaters, Rivals | Pyle Center, Room 235

Jorge Arana (San Diego State University)

“Love-Making” as Sport of Courtship in Victorian Realist Fiction

Erin Brophy (University of Saskatchewan)

Game of Misogynies: Deception, Myth, and Song as Rhetoric in Shakespeare’s Othello

Alexander Claussen (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Prévost’s Economies of Laughter in Manon Lescaut


10:15-10:30AM | Break


10:30AM | Concurrent Panels (2a & 2b)

Panel 2a: Video Games | Pyle Center, Room 235

Nasim Madadi (University of Pittsburgh) 

Self-Narrative and Video-Gaming in Chloé Delaume’s Corpus Simsi

Daniel Green (Western University)

The Defense of the Video Game: Assessing “Poetic” Stigma in Early Modern England and Contemporary America

Benjamin Davis (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Leveling Up, the Luck Stat, and Final Fantasy X: Incorporating Luck into a Meritocratic System


Panel 2b: Players & Performers | Pyle Center, Room 232

Diego López Francia (Concordia University)

Conceptions of “Play” in Theatre: Performance of the “Self” in Documentary/Testimonial Theatre

Cassandra Winkelman (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

The Role of Theater and Games in a Foreign Language Classroom

Sylvie Côté (York University)

Sociocultural Dynamics in Play: An Auto-Ethnographic and Cultural Studies Exploration of Flow Artists in the Winnipeg and Toronto Rave Scenes. 


12:00PM Lunch | (Location TBA)


1:15PM | Panel 3: Playing with Words | Pyle Center, Room 235

Madison Sides (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Word Play in Contemporary French Poetry and What it Can Offer: A Look at “Langue Étrangère” by Sabine

Finn Shepherd (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Ich bin zupa als ein Markt”: Code-Switching and Language Play in the Songs of Outerspass

Carsten Haas (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

What Can Be Done With This, Besides What’s Supposed to Be Done?: Kennings as Exploratory Linguistic Play in Early Germanic Verse


2:30-2:45PM | Break


2:45PM | Concurrent Panels (4a & 4b)

Panel 4a: Replay Value – Marketing Play through History | Pyle Center, Room 235

Natalia Egorova (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Playing to Sell: Promotional Sugoroku Board Games and Their Role in Marketing of a Cosmetics Shop in Early Modern Japan

James Rubino (University of Guelph)

Life, Death, and Afterlife: A History of Two Failed Las Vegas Casinos

Panel 4b: Formative Games | Pyle Center, Room 232

Kimberly Rooney (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

A New Mental Colonization? Academics to Athletics in Fatou Diome’s Le Ventre de l’Atlantique

Peter Russella (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

The Places of Child’s Play in Audrée Wihlelmy’s Le Corps des bêtes


3:45-4:15PM | Break


4:15PM | ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION | Pyle Center, Room 235

Dr. Aubrey Gabel (Columbia University)

Dr. Jan Miernowski (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Dr. Jelena Todorović (University of Wisconsin, Madison)